Gospel Centered

We believe the Bible. Through it, God reveals himself to us. At the apex of this revelation is Jesus, the beloved Son of God, who secures for us our redemption through his death, burial, and resurrection. This Gospel is the center of God's story and the center of our lives. We believe when the gospel is faithfully explained, explored, and expressed, the Holy Spirit elicits a response in us.
City Focused

We believe that the Gospel compels us to learn from, interact with, and generously give back to our culture in the way that we live our lives. Jesus is transforming not only our individual hearts, but culture as a whole, and we want to work tirelessly to that end as we declare “on earth as it is in heaven”!
Church Community

God’s design for life was for us to live in community with other believers who are pursuing Jesus and exploring the Gospel together with honest, vulnerable dialogue about difficult things. This gets messy as we are a community of sinful people that constantly get it wrong, but by God’s grace we are pursuing depth in relationship with Jesus and one another.
What to expect at The Springs
We live out our identity through the rhythms of “gathering” and “scattering”:
Church Gathered
Each Sunday The Springs gathers as the corporate church to sit under the Word, to worship with the saints and to celebrate God's goodness together.
Church Scattered
Throughout the week The Springs scatters as groups of missionaries all over our town, county, state, country, and world to make disciples where we live, work and play.